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19-23 September 2024

North Spain

the masculine heart awakens...

A 5-day deep dive into healing and maturing our inner masculine through curated teachings and ritual explorations of the Father, Brother and Lover archetypes within a supportive group held by Clara Gomez Santos and 3 experienced assistants.



  •   Circle technology

  •   Shamanic journeying

  •   Group shadow work

  •   Somatic reference points

  •   Rituals for introspection, revelation, and soul integration

  •   Guided meditations and embodied practices

  •   Medicine Walk

... the inner beloved is home 

What to expect:


  • Teachings on the Sacred Masculine curated from esoteric traditions, mythology and transpersonal psychology.

  • Group and solo ritual work to deepen your relationship with the masculine within.

  • Understand and integrate the spiritual significance of Hieros Gamos - The Inner Marriage.

  •  Somatic reference points to shift and rewire unhealthy patterns and beliefs around the masculine.

  •  Brotherhood. Majestic nature. Celtic frequencies of the land of Cantabria.

Retreat Facilitator

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Clara Gomez Santos

Clara is an international facilitator of transformative processes and guide for soul emergence. She has supported thousands on the path to wholeness, empowered intimacy and soul-centred living since 2014. 


Her facilitation style blends shamanism, transpersonal psychology and the esoteric arts bringing a strong component of permission, authenticity and self-responsibility to the group field.


She’s the founder of The Man Within, initiatory programs and retreats for women to meet, understand and mature their masculine energy, taken by over 300 women since 2019.


Clara is part of the teaching faculty at the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) and Highden Temple Mystery School.. She’s currently pursuing a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology and guiding individuals into the mysteries of inner marriage through her 1:1 mentorship programs “PILLAR” for women and “GRAIL” for men.

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It brings Marianna great joy to support others on their journey towards self-mastery. Certified in soulful breathwork facilitation, hypnosis, sound healing and ontological & embodiment coaching; Marianna creates one of a kind transformational experiences for those seeking empowerment, self love and sovereignty. Marianna is passionate about tantric and shamanic modalities and loves to co-create journeys and containers that allow for full range of expression and authenticity.

Ania is a mind, body, and business coach. Guided by a profound connection to the spiritual realm, she offers coaching experiences that are intuitive, mindful and deeply embodied, empowering individuals to unlock their true potential. She leads workshops around tantra, authentic connection and personal development. Ania’s approach is grounded in honesty, authenticity, and a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of business, tantra, and technology. As a public speaker and online course creator, she is passionate about helping others achieve success and fulfilment in all areas of their lives.

Sonja is a sensual alchemist, a pleasure activist and a shadow dancer. With a strong passion to explore what it is to be a human being, not just the pretty parts, but all of it. She loves it real, naked and authentic, with a big portion of playful curiosity and childlike wonder. Sonja ignites transformation through the human body, combining embodiment, hands on bodywork and somatic coaching and deeply enjoys to create and co-create transformational containers for people to explore and welcome more of themselves, their life force and their aliveness.


All prices include tuition, meals and accommodation

You may secure your place with a 400 deposit


Northern Spain


Additional Information

  • The retreat commences on Thursday 19th of September at 16:00.


  • The retreat finalises on Monday 23rd of September at 13:00 (lunch included)


  • Price includes tuition, 11 meals and 4 nights accommodation in twin room at venue. It does not include travel.


Getting to venue:


  • Closest airports are Santander (45min) and Bilbao (90min)


  • Shuttle option from Santander possible to organise closer to the date.


  • Further transport and location information will be given to participants.


Please direct any enquires to:

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